What is the simplified and flexible assessment regime to be used in the 2nd regular cycle of assessment / accreditation of study programmes?

The simplified assessment regime will consist of not carrying out an exhaustive evaluation of all study programmes using a visit by an External Assessment Team (EAT). Thus, in the 2nd regular cycle of assessment and accreditation, in areas of proven quality, a complete assessment will be carried out, with a visit, only for a sampling of study programmes.

The determination of which areas and study programmes will be subject to assessment with a visit from the respective EAT and which ones will be subject to documentary assessment and, therefore, will dispense the visit, will be preceded by a meeting with the institutions that have an Internal Quality Assurance System certified.

The requirements for the application of the referred regime can be consulted in the document A simplified and more flexible assessment regime for the 2nd cycle of assessment / accreditation of study programmes available on the A3ES website.