What is the timetable set for the start of the Institutional Audit Process? Will simplifications be introduced in the process of accreditation of degree programmes for institutions that have their own internal systems of quality assurance certified by A3ES?

The institutional audit process was initiated on an experimental basis during the academic year 2011/2012, for a small number of institutions with a consistent practice of application of tools and procedures for internal quality assurance, and which have volunteered to participate in the experiential exercise.

From the academic year 2012/2013 onwards it is expected that the process of institutional audit will work normally, on a voluntary basis for the institutions.

As stated in its activity plans, the Agency foresees to introduce a simplified scheme for the accreditation of programmes for institutions that, as a consequence of an institutional audit, have their internal quality assurance systems certified by A3ES and cumulatively comply with certain requirements of excellence that will be fixed in due course. However, this simplification process can only be introduced in the next cycle of accreditation, after 2016, since all degree programmes in operation must undergo an evaluation and accreditation process in the current accreditation cycle ending in 2015/2016.