When does a decision to accredit a study programme start its effects? And what is the deadline to fulfil the conditions set in the accreditation act?

Taking into account the need to maintain the alignment of the evaluation of study programmes in operation with the year of the regular cycle in which the respective education and training area is evaluated, the reference date for the start of the period of validity of the accreditation of a study programme shall be fixed by reference to the year in which the application for accreditation or renewal of accreditation has been submitted to the Agency, irrespective of the date on which the accreditation decision is made or communicated to the requesting institution.

This date is regulated by Resolution No. 1/2018 of A3ES, dated April 24, published in Diário da República, 2nd series, No. 93, of May 15, which establishes, in its paragraph 1:

"1. The period of validity of the accreditation of a study programme submitted through a process ACEF n/(n + 1), NCE n or PERA n/(n + 1) begins counting from July 31 of the year (n+1) irrespective of whether the date of the accreditation decision is earlier, coincident or subsequent to that reference date. "

However, in the case of conditional accreditation, the deadline for compliance with the conditions set out in the accreditation is counted from the date of notification of the decision to the institution.