What are the consequences, both for the respective institutions of higher education or for students enrolled in them, when degree programmes that were previously in regular operation were subject to evaluation and there is a no accreditation decision by A3ES?

1. The decision not to accredit a degree programme in operation, by A3ES, has the legal consequence of the termination of the authorization of its operation, from the moment that decision is forwarded to the HEI;

2. This implies that, from that moment, no new students may be enrolled in the degree programme;

3. The degree programme may, however, continue to operate for two more academic years, with the students previously registered, in order to enable them to complete the programme;

4. The non-accreditation of a degree programme which was earlier operating regularly does not mean, either to the HEI or for students enrolled in the programme, any effects other than those mentioned. So, all degrees and diplomas awarded under the previous authorization of operation, until the cessation of normal functioning of the course, maintain full validity and effectiveness.