Audit Committee


The Audit Committee is comprised of three members appointed by the Minister for Finances. At least one member of the Audit Committee must be a chartered auditor.

The Audit Committee has the traditional competencies awarded to bodies of this nature:

  1. To control the legality and the strict observance of law of the Management Board’s management actions;
  2. To control the Agency’s financial and assets management, by following and inspecting the Agency´s accounting instruments.

By Order 22714/2009 of the Minister for Finances and Public Administration, published in DR, 2nd Series, 15th October, the composition of the Audit Committee is the following:

  • Dr. Vítor Manuel Batista de Almeida, representing SROC Vítor Almeida & Associados, President;
  • Dr. Ernesto Mendes Batista Ribeiro;
  • Drª. Mafalda Eugénia de Araújo da Costa Ferreira.